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North Central Ohio ESC

Tiffin Campus

928 W. Market Street

Tiffin, OH  44883


Fax:  419-447-2825

Marion Campus

333 E. Center Street, Suite 101

Marion, OH  43302


Fax:  740-383-4804


Mansfield Campus

State Support Team Region 7

1495 W. Longview Avenue, Suite 200

Mansfield, OH  44906


Special Education Supervision

Knowledgeable of special education federal and state mandates


Provides special education consultant to district personnel, parents and other stakeholders


Serves as a liaison between parents, district personnel and outside agencies

Provides professional development to build district personnel’s knowledge of special education

Assists district with reports to the Ohio Department of Education


Completes student observations to assist with developing the evaluation team report and  appropriate classroom interventions


Customizes support for special education staff and programs


Personalizes attention to district specific concerns or questions



Early Childhood Education

Multiple Disabilities Classrooms

The NCOESC operates three multi-disabilities classrooms in Tiffin Ohio. The Primary classroom (grade K-5), the Intermediate classroom (grades 5-9) and the High School program (grades 5-9).


These classrooms provide a structured environment with various center based hands-on activities designed to engage students in learning. Lessons are designed based on the extended standards and differentiated to meet the individual needs of students placed in the classroom.


Focus is put on academics, social skills training, sensory needs, language acquisition and life skills. Instruction is purposefully planned to lead students to independence.


Behavior Specialist

Observes students with severe behavior problems in various settings


Collaborates with district staff and parents to identify specific problem areas


Completes a functional behavior assessment to determine the student's motivation for the behavior


Develops and presents behavior plans for the district staff to follow


Follows up with the district staff on progress


Collects and graphs data if requested


Provides professional developments





Intervention Specialist

Writes the student's individual educational program (IEP) in collaboration with general education teachers and related services personnel


Works collaboratively with general eduation teachers to develop classroom intervention strategies and modify assignments


Communicates regularly with parents and professional staff regarding the educational, social and personal needs of the student


Assists each student in working toward independence to the maximum amount possible