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Occupational Therapy

Qualified therapist who understands special education law and implement best practices based on current research


Evaluates students, collect data, interpret results, develop evaluation results and IEP goals when applicable


Develops interventions to meet the student’s individual fine motor need


Collaborates and consults with staff and parents to ensure the student’s educational plan is implemented as written


Provides assistance in the identification of the adaptive equipment, environmental

modifications and alternative methods necessary to support a child’s functioning




Therapists understand the difference between school-based and clinical-based therapy


A variety of delivery models are available including individual, group, and consultation services





Physical Therapy

Provides quality therapist with an understanding of special education mandates


Designs and adapts equipment to improve postural support, facilitate functional movement and increase independence  within the school environment


Conducts evaluations and create goals to improve gross motor movement


Provides therapeutic educational interventions for motor development, mobility and movement skills, balance, strength and coordination


Collaborates with district and medical personnel to develop a plan based on the performance data


Creates individual Plans of Care





Speech and Language

Provides therapy designed to improve communication disorders as they affect educational performance


Maintains compliance with federal and state special education laws


Provides assessment and diagnostic services to identify student delays in speech and language


Collaborates with district personnel, parents and other providers to develop interventions


Provides professional development support to district personnel as needed for speech and language communication


Creates Individual Educational Plans for students with speech and language delays



Networks with other therapist, district personnel, other related service providers


Services are provided to students and districts on an as needed basis (full or part time)



Speech and Language PathologyLinda Chambers, Physical TherapistSpeech and Language Pathology

Adapted Physical Education (APE)

Provides individualized physical education instruction or services to students with exceptional physical needs due to gross motor developmental delays or other impairments


Collaborates with physical education teachers and intervention specialists on developing instruction


Completes various sections of initial and

re-evaluations when needed


Assists with writing IEP


Advocates for students