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North Central Ohio ESC

Tiffin Campus

928 W. Market Street

Tiffin, OH  44883


Fax:  419-447-2825

Marion Campus

333 E. Center Street

Marion, OH  43302


Fax:  740-383-4804


Early Childhood

Heather Justen, Director of Early Childhood

Kattie Harmon, Marion County Preschool Supervisor

Kim Pachis, Wyandot County Preschool Supervisor

Tiffany Boehler, Special Student Service Coordinator



Early Childhood Classroom




Fully-Licensed Teacher

Highly Qualified Classroom Aide

Occupational Therapy

Parent Mentor

Physical Therapy

Professional Development

Regular and Special Education

School Nurse

School Psychologist

Speech and Language Pathology

Supervisory Services









Early Childhood Itinerant


Provides special education services to students in their current educational environment


Consults with private schools/parents


Conducts screenings in private preschools









Early Childhood Program Supervision Services


Supervision of district's EC program


Provide professional development


Guide "Step up to Quality"


Assists with licensing of EC programs; curriculum and assessments