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Early Childhood

Heather Justen, Assistant Superintendent

Kattie Harmon, Director of Early Childhood

Kim Pachis, Wyandot County Preschool Supervisor

Tiffany Boehler, Student Services Coordinator


North Central Ohio Educational Service Center offers Early Childhood Services tailored to the needs of our client districts.  Services available include providing preschool classrooms for children with and without special needs, itinerant services, supervision of preschool programs/classrooms, and high quality professional development.  


NCOESC Preschool Classrooms follow the Creative Curriculum.  Lessons are aligned to Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards while instruction is based on children’s developmental levels and is designed to build and grow all areas of development.   Licensed teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals instruct the students of each preschool.  School based therapists (speech, occupational, physical, etc.) are also embedded within the classroom to ensure carry over in everyday activities.  


NCOESC Itinerant Services are provided to children in their home, preschool or childcare setting in order to allow them to remain in the most natural and least restrictive environment.  Itinerant teachers are certified early childhood intervention specialists who work collaboratively with district personnel and families to develop and implement Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Itinerant services are provided to each child at a minimum of four hours per month.


The NCOESC Early Childhood Supervision Services are able to assist client districts with all preschool requirements.  They are available to help districts meet requirements of the Ohio Department of Education for preschool licensing, special education, and Step Up to Quality (maintain ratios, conduct multi-factored evaluations, write compliant IEPs, implement required assessments and activities, etc.).  


The NCOESC Early Childhood Department also provides high-quality Professional Development for teachers, paraprofessionals, and supervisors.  The trainings provided meet both the requirements for licensing and Step Up to Quality.   The professional development provided is up-to-date, relevant, and beneficial to all early childhood educators.  

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