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North Central Ohio ESC

Tiffin Campus

928 W. Market Street

Tiffin, OH  44883


Fax:  419-447-2825

Marion Campus

333 E. Center Street, Suite 101

Marion, OH  43302


Fax:  740-383-4804


Mansfield Campus

State Support Team Region 7

1495 W. Longview Avenue, Suite 200

Mansfield, OH  44906



Performs comprehensive, educationally relevant hearing evaluations


Makes appropriate medical, educational and community referrals


Educates about noise exposure and hearing loss prevention


Interprets Audiological assessment results to other school personnel


Manages the use and calibration of audiometric equipment


Makes recommendations for individual use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, personal amplification, group amplification and/or classroom assistive devices


Ensures proper fit and function of hearing aids and other auditory devices


Provides in-service training on hearing impairments and their implications to school personnel, children and parents


Analyzes classroom noise and acoustics and make recommendations for improving the listening environment






Available when needed and only invoiced on an as needed basis



Interpreter for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Provides in-service training to administrators, support staff, teachers and parents

regarding the characteristics and educational implications of a hearing loss


Works collaboratively with building staff and parents to monitor the impact the hearing

loss may have on the student’s educational progress


Pre-teaches, reinforces or re-teaches content area vocabulary and concepts where language deficiencies hinder understanding


Modifies curriculum and materials according to the individual needs of the student


Creates lessons in vocabulary, oral and written language and reading skills


Observes the student in the classroom to evaluate attending skills, coping/repair

strategies, use of residual hearing and effectiveness of hearing equipment


Evaluates student’s progress through formal and informal assessments


Assists in the assessment and acquisition of hearing equipment


Assists in the development of student IEPs



Educational Sign Language Interpreter

Facilitatescommunication between students who are deaf and/or hard of hearing and others using sign language to convey teacher instruction and intent


Assists students with daily activities


Provides voice to sign, sign to voice oral transliterate support in class and for after school events when needed


Participates as a team member to plan, review and share information


Serves as a resource to other school personnel requiring assistance with hard of hearing and deaf student(s).